Rocks River Park Camino

"Camino" (Spanish for "the way") denotes a pilgrim route. This Camino is a series of images and reflections developed while walking from the Rocks Riverside Park to the Fort Retreat. The images relate to Christian Spirituality and the path that Jesus walked. These images of these places become stations for reflection and allude to the local place, prayer and the Christian story.

The Rocks Riverside area holds stories that are from the sacred dreaming of the first Australians. The River Park Camino series seeks to respect those stories.

The River Park Camino takes between 1 and 2 hours and is about 2 km of easy to moderate walking. You will need walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, water and insect repellant. Follow the advice signs throughout the park. The walk ends in the Passioist retreat at the summit. The Passionist community welcomes pilgrim visitors who walk and pray.

Bon Camino!

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