Noosa Camino Walking Guide

I understand that the following Noosa Camino guides are:

  • Unguided walks
  • Pictorial reflection guides involving walks that will traverse various terrain and will require mobility and fitness levels as advised by National Park signage.
  • Guides and I will require walking shoes, sun protection, hydration, insect repellent and phone (for emergency contact).
  • Assuming that I will take all responsibility and risk and attend to any warning signs (unfenced fall risks).
  • Used with the understanding that I am responsible for any medical and evacuation expenses. (International walkers please ensure your travel insurance will cover such).
  • Guides and release and discharge any liability to Noosa Camino (including any liability for negligence).
  • A way of belonging to the Noosa Camino online community (print Noosa Camino Passport on completion). Any other contribution author artist photographers that are original work and copyright once uploaded to the Noosa Camino web site or any review website are granted a royalty free license for Noosa Camino to publish.
  • Conditional on the walker being over 18